Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend in Photos

Well we had such a wonderful long holiday weekend and I have so many pictures to share. My family had not one giant thanksgiving meal, but two, and both here in Green Bay. We had family visiting on both sides so we spent one day with his fam and one with mine. And the chance to eat a meal like that twice is just about the best thing ever. We did sneak a few shots on Friday, when we ate all that goodness with my sister Cara and her darlings. So here we go!
We've had tons of snow and the boys just love sledding and snowboarding down our hill. The little lady has not yet pulled on a snow suit to join them as I've been avoiding it. We prefer to cuddle up inside and watch them from the window. 
On Saturday we all met up to cut down our Christmas trees. It's always equally fun and stressful, lots of laughs and lots of grumbling from the kids. But the best memories! After we trek through the tree farm and finally find the best one for us (inevitably a good hours worth of hiking around), we then take the kids for hot cocoa and popcorn in a little log cabin where we sit and wait for the dads to have the trees shaken and netted. Sometimes that takes ages and ages and that's when the kids start to protest. And then, if we're lucky and it's not too busy, the kids get to meet Santa and take a photo with him. Last Saturday was beautiful and so it was also a busy day at Whispering Pines. So we skipped Santa this time. :)

Here's a look at that day …
And we found it!
And finally, hours and hours later, our tree was twinkling and festive. I love decorating the tree with the kids. Each year they get more and more excited about it. We always play Christmas music which leads to lots of spontaneous and very silly dancing. Parker helps me wrap the lights and then they all get the tube of unbreakables to hang along the lower half of the tree. Once our tree was finished we sat down to a movie with popcorn and hot cocoa. It was so wonderful. And you might have noticed the volume of hot cocoa and popcorn we consumed this happy day huh? Wow!

Little E went to sleep next to me that night, unable to stay awake for a second longer, while his big bros partied till waaaaay to late. 

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