Sunday, February 22, 2015

Always a Bridesmaid for YOU Magazine

I've just sat down to watch a bit of the Oscars and thought, with all this glitz and grandeur on TV, that this would be the perfect time to share the pictures we shot for YOU mag's wedding issue. Erin Hanson was my crazy good photographer for this shoot and I loved the opportunity to collaborate with an artist who has a magic touch when it comes to capturing the romance and the stunning details of a girl on her wedding day. Thank you so much Erin for being a part of this feature!

I focused on restyling 3 different bridesmaids "dresses", both one piece and two piece. This was a really good challenge for me cause it forced me to style colors and silhouettes that I would not normally naturally reach for. It's always good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and in this case, I ended up loving the results. 

I also want to say a huge thanks to Victoria at Salon 54 for doing hair and makeup for this. I wish you could really see what this makeup looked like in person … it was soooooo gorgeous. I requested some sort of gold splashed on my face and sent her a few inspiration pics. In the end we decided on this beautiful gold glitter and she spread it out around the outside of my eyes and up to the brow bone. It was so cool. You'll get a little idea of it after seeing the close ups. :) And I brought along a vintage necklace which she pinned to the back of my head. So pretty. You'll see … 

And thank you to my dear friend Heather, who assisted me during this shoot and froze happily (?) alongside us. 

Outfit 1: dress - J. Crew / blouse - Kohls / heels - Target

Outfit 2: skirt - custom by Sue Lindgren in Green Bay /  top - Kohls / booties - Anthropologie / necklace - Azure

 Outfit 3: top (part of set) - Bridal Warehouse / jacket - New York and Company / jeans - J. Crew / boots - Target

Read the wedding issue and full article here!

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