Friday, March 27, 2015

Inspiration for Spring - Happy Friday!

Yay, it's weekend time! My older kids are finally on spring break and we are taking them on a short trip  to the Mall of America next week with loads of family coming along. They are over the moon about this adventure as it's been a while since we took a family trip. Although these kids are easy to please … even a night spent in a hotel 5 minutes down the road would have them counting down the sleeps. Though our darling Wisconsin is not feeling too springy at the moment, I hear some warmth is heading our way again next week and honestly, regardless of ice or sun, Easter is always a big celebration for us and the weather does not deter. We've been egg hunting in all kinds of conditions too. Scarlet is well prepared for Easter this year, with a perfect for Wisco Sunday dress that's a combo of warm furry top and light floral skirt. It's adorable. I have 2 dresses in the runnings for consideration as my Easter dress. But of course!

This week I've been dreaming of beautiful spring flowers, itching to buy a supply to spread across our dining table, perhaps in mason jars. I'm been working hard on the planning for our next flower workshop and it'll certainly be our best yet! So many exciting details planned for this summer workshop and the info should be out next week. 

I also have Easter egg dyeing on my mind as we plan to do some next week and I'd love to try dyeing some naturally, after seeing some of the easier ways to do that and the gorgeous colors they create. I have a friend that mentioned she wraps her eggs in a silk scarf (perhaps a trip to Goodwill is in order?) and the dyeing process leaves a lovely colored print on the egg from the scarf. Sounds intriguing. 

Lastly, as always, I'm thinking clothes and this time it's the lighter, ethereal pieces are on my mind. I'm eager to wear white dresses with lots of embroidery and lace. And I'm all about pastels at the moment, which will be evident in the coming weeks with YOU Magazine's spring fashion issue out in April as well as a little spot on Good Day Wisconsin to share my favorite spring looks. Lots of fashion fun coming in April!

In the meantime, these are the images inspiring me this week …
{ a floral bath, cause why not? }
{ I just love this, sign me up }
{ bicycle baskets overflowing with beauty }
 { fields of flowers }
 { fresh strawberry marshmallows, yum! }
 { party season is heading my way, so I'm thinking balloons and flowers }
{ the way Scarlet and I like to take naps … in tutus and flowers ;) }

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