Friday, March 20, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {casual greens}

{me: shirt - consigned Anthropologie, pants - Old Navy, tennies - H&M
S: dress - thrifted, leggings - Gymboree, boots - H&M}

I had this post all ready to go for Tuesday, St Patrick's Day (and more importantly, cousin Adorlee's birthday!), but the week ran away from me very quickly and so here I am, on Friday! But we wore a little green this week to play along and even managed some pictures.

Hope you've all having a fantastic week, friends. Mine has been busy but so incredible, with one of the most beautiful and enchanting photo opportunities I've ever been a part of now under my belt. I feel completely energized creatively again, after that long, dull winter which absolutely took a toll on my creative side. But wow, this week was so good. This morning I'm off soon to have a hair pampering, cause it's looking pretty sad at the moment. As usual, I'm ready to spice it up a bit, make a little change. But you'll likely see me back here soon and not be able to tell any difference with the locks.

Have the best weekend all! Oh yes, and take a look at this spring wreath roundup, featured at Real Simple Magazine's website. We are lucky to be a part of it and they have some wonderful DIY ideas for your front door, if you're in the mood to get crafty. 

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