Friday, March 13, 2015

Mama and Mini Style

 {me: dress - thrifted, sweater - T J Maxx, shoes - Anthropologie, clutch (part of set) - Free People
S: (we're calling them) hot pants - Sugarplum Lane Boutique}
Happy Friday! We're sailing off into the weekend with big smiles brought on by the incredible weather (YES!) and a commitment free schedule (YES!). I plan to take the kids to see Cinderella tomorrow afternoon and I've been talking it up as much as possible, just to get the boys on board. ;) Scarlet would never make it through a movie in a theater so we'll go during her nap time. (*Update: the daddy wants to go too so he doesn't miss out on any fun (what?!) So I guess I'll be calling the babysitter. 4 boys and 1 girl to see Cinderella ... kinda funny).

What else ... well, we just received our massive set of brand new slipcovers from Comfort Works and I can't wait to get them on our sectional and see the transformation. I was asked to photograph (and even video, so hoping we can pull that off without looking too ridiculous) the entire process and do a huge blog post about it. So I'm going to have to wait until we have a free hour to set it all up and make it look good. Meaning, the rest of that room must look clean and happy too. These covers were made for the Ikea Soderhamn and they're an off white/beige linen with a special magic power that supposedly keeps stains off of the fabric. We'll test the theory a million times, I'm sure. So I'm excited!

Have a beautiful weekend friends! And when you have a free moment to yourselves, you must check out these 3 gorgeous Instagram accounts, all of which I'm living vicariously through.

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