Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Sunday Best

It's a brand new week and the kids are back to school after a lovely little spring break and Easter weekend. We needed that time off from everything, time to sleep in and get away and not worry about homework or appointments. But now back to business! 

This is what we wore on Easter Sunday, all my spring chickens in their fancy spring clothes. It's a welcome relief to say goodbye to the sweaters and dark colors, even if it's just a pretend spring-y day.   I see all the pretty blooms around the country, on Instagram accounts and blogs, and I miss the way spring used to look. It's the one season that we don't really get to enjoy in its entirety in Wisconsin. Spring doesn't show off quite as much as it does in the warmer states though our other seasons make up for it, as they show their colors with delicious (and in the case of winter,  excruciating) intensity. So I'll simply have to sigh over the trees bursting with flowers via all of your inspiringly beautiful photos instead. :)
{me: dress - Free People, belt & shoes - Anthropologie
S: dress - Instagram shop @ockidscloset, shoes - Django moccs from Poppy's Closet}

Beautiful children in their Sunday best for Easter. Snapped this right before church and some of us were not too happy about it. :)

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