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Our Home in Design Mom's "How to Live With Kids"

Hello friends! Last weekend we were so thrilled to receive some mail that really and truly beat any mail I've received yet. It included our copy of Design Mom's How to Live With Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide. I mentioned some time ago that Gabrielle Blair (also known as Design Mom) wanted to include a few pictures of our home in her book (I know, I can't believe it either!). The process was pretty surreal for me, but now it's here in my hands. The proof! I wanted to share some of the shots that were included here with you.

First of all, Gabrielle's book is really a masterpiece as it not only provides all of us mamas and just plain ol' design and decor lovers with loads and loads of eye candy to inspire to no end but it also has real, honest advice toward decorating, designing and creating a family home that is not only functional but beautiful. I love her take on aiming for both function and beauty, her suggestion to have a specific goal when choosing any object in your home, to only include items that offer both high function + high beauty. Yes! I love that. It IS POSSIBLE to live with kids and to have a home that is both highly functional and incredibly beautiful. It might take a little more thought and intention to achieve this goal but it's so worth it.
 {Design Mom's book tucked amongst other favorites on our bookshelf}

 {our living room}

I included both shots above because those chubby hands were just irresistible but the second allows you to see the picture more clearly. :) This is my favorite picture included from our home. As you might already know, this particular spot is highly photographed. We take pictures here at least once per week for at least 7 months out of the year. It's the prettiest window and chair set up and when Gabrielle asked if I had anything else I wanted to submit I had to set up a shot right here, something whimsical and sweet. I'd just cut baskets full of hydrangeas from a bush outside and so I thought I'd add them in the shot. And of course I had to grab a few of the kid's cutest toys. They're some of our home's best eye candy after all! I was thrilled when I heard she loved it and it's a lovely, huge image in print. I honestly shook just a bit from nerves and excitement paging through and finding these pics. Embarrassing but hey, this was kind of a major "WOW" moment for me. Eek! I have several coffee table books that I really love (The Glow, The Vintage Tea Party, A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life, and Modern Vintage Style) and the chance to be in one, well, it's just wonderful and wild. 
 {left page - a set of quilts that I tuck in beneath our entertainment center, partly to have on hand for all those chilly winter nights but also to hide that mess of cords}

I'm obsessed with quilts and afghans and am sure my love for textiles in general must have begun with all those South African flea markets I frequented as a kid. I was always taken with the beautiful hand printed South African fabrics and all those amazing imports from India. The biggest item on my wish list right now is a Moroccan wedding blanket! I'm always on the lookout for charming quilts and afghans when I have a chance to hit a thrift store and my stash is pretty huge. It was lovely to have a little picture of some colorful faves included. Long live granny chic! 
{left page - Scarlet's chest of drawers}

This set of drawers was left behind by the previous owners of our home, down in the basement depths along with all kinds of treasures. I brought it up when I was pregnant with #3 and when we finally had news of a girl on the way with #4, I promptly drove over to Home Depot and picked 5 shades of pink to create this graduated pink ombre on the drawers. All it took were the sample sizes so it was a great deal and it has been the showstopper piece in Scarlet's room for these past 2 years. It's pictured alongside a little girl's room that is honestly one of my faves. I saw it at least a year ago, probably on Pinterest, and pinned every angle of that room. So it's an honor to share some space there. 
 {our kitchen cabinets, filled with thrift store finds in color galore, plus a few South African trinkets}

I'm a thrift store junkie though have admittedly not been as religious about it for the past 2 years. I focused much attention on plates for some time, collecting mis-matched patterns of blue or pink or yellow, and my love was given free reign when we moved into this house with it's beautiful kitchen shelving and glass doors to showcase all my beloved odds and ends. These shelves were a huge selling point for me … kinda the same appeal as finding a car with 25 cup holders. Right?
 {our dining table covered with a crochet blanket that I use sometimes as a tablecloth and other times on the day bed in Scarlet's room, plus some mason jars filled with daisies}

Thank you Gabrielle for this awesome honor, the chance to be amongst all these other incredible homes. 

(You can also take a look at the two tours of our home featured at Design Mom - tour 1 and tour 2.)

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