Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Celebration Dance Photographed {part 1}

These are my girls, all the lovely little ladies and young ladies who take class on a Monday night. I am so crazy about all of them, seriously though. What a huge joy it is to teach dance and to train them in fine tuning those skills. My greatest hope is that they will begin to love dancing as much as I do and this year has been incredible as I have seen a group of these girls do just that. Some of the young ladies that have been with me for 4 or more years now are turning 10 and 11, a magic age where it seems that an incredible passion for their craft has at long last emerged and they're taking it seriously. Finally!  They're on their way to becoming stunning dancers. Makes me so happy. :)
Tuesday classes coming soon! 

{Unnecessary addition here but will say it still ... as I'm uploading these pictures to Blogger I'm just so bummed at how the picture quality is lost in the transfer to this platform. I'm looking at them side by side with Lightroom. Makes me realize, once again, how I really need to change platforms. Another thing to check off my to-do list. Will look into it this summer I think. Picture quality is such a beautiful thing so I need it to be top notch. Bit of a "grrrr" moment here but wanted to share these pictures all the same.}

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