Thursday, June 25, 2015

What We're Up To: The Summer Life

SUMMER! It's the best, isn't it? 

We've been keeping busy so far, already 2 trips away (we hit the ground running!) and so many days spent dipping in the pool. Sometimes warm, sometimes chilly, but the great thing about kids is they really don't care. It's the mamas that aren't too keen on freezing their tushies off.

Here's a look at what I've photographed of this happy summer thus far. We begin at my uncle's pool in Tulsa with all of our family, meeting up with my cousin's family as well. And you might notice that the diving board was the highlight there. Everyone was doing back flips off of that thing by lunchtime. Well, not quite everyone. The babes preferred somersault dives. ;)
 On Saturday, Scarlet and I met some friends at the farmer's market for a coffee and a stroll.
On Father's Day we celebrated all the dad's with pizza and key lime pie on the patio. Quite the combo huh? But it was lovely all the same and the weather was perfect and the bugs were well behaved. So all in all, a really sweet evening relaxing with the fam.

The kids waited rather impatiently for our guests to arrive, so I filled a bucket of water and added a few cups and they went to town. Passed the time pretty quickly actually. We don't have room for a pool in our back yard as it's all hill but I think we could squeeze in a hot tub and that sounds pretty fantastic, now that I think about it. But all that to say that it's pretty funny that our water play is reduced to this tiny bucket. They seemed content.
That's my dad. He's the best thing since sliced bread. Really, dad, you are. I have so much love for this man and am so thankful for the live he's lived and for who he is to us. My live has been profoundly impacted by him and I just adore him. 

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