Monday, July 13, 2015

Baseball in the Backyard

You guys! I have the funniest progression of photo's that I just have to share with you. Elliot finished his first season of baseball this summer and honestly, it was so great. I loved watching him play and I thought he was rather good (but I'm sure every mom felt the same swelling pride as they watched on). We even took the boys to a Bullfrogs game last week and it was a blast. Even I liked it. And I totally felt all warm and fuzzy about it and about that romantic notion a baseball game encompasses, the kind I sang about as a kid (sang the American song, though we had no baseball in SA!) and saw in movies. So the entire time I felt like I'd stepped into a movie and I saw how tender it was to grow up going to games like this with your fam, collecting these experiences that felt so wholly American. Perhaps it was the pace of baseball and the way it all seemed geared to keep kids entertained (my NFL football experience was incredible but just not very "chill" and ideal for kids). And the food, my goodness! You're probably laughing at me, I bet, and I know it sounds funny. Scarlet loved it and acted like she owned the place and everyone there and even the least sporty of my brood was sad to leave that evening. 

So Elliot's cousin Dylan is a baseball aficionado (is that what we call someone who's played for a few years? cause he really is) and he and E went in our backyard to practice. WELL … this was something to behold. I am so glad that I was feeling camera happy that afternoon cause this experience was worthy of plenty of stills. Dylan is excellent at teaching and should seriously be a coach one day. 

The amazing part is it helped and E started hitting much better. The funny part is by the time the lesson was over and Dylan got ready to start pitching Elliot said, "Hey, you wanna go jump on the trampoline?" :)

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