Monday, July 6, 2015

Celebrating the 4th of July

We had such an amazing weekend celebrating Independence Day with family and friends. Just as it's supposed to be! I have plenty of pictures to share with you and I apologize for the overload. We just did so much and I had the camera slung across me for all of it. So here we go, starting off in our swimmies and heading out for some boating and swimming. 
Here Scarlet is having a tantrum, wanting to open the little door and walk down the back stairs. And then she fell down onto her knees and stared at the carpet in earnest. At least her tantrum is less crying and screaming and more feelings put into actions in an attempt to interpret the heart's anguish. Bravo darling!
Next we headed to my sister's home for a cookout party. It was awesome! Take a look at all the fun details and what a blast those kids had. :)
First smoke bombs and then the fancy stuff. 
Next, bubbles and sparklers. 
Here Uncle Joe was singing Jude's song (Hey Jude) which led to huge grins and caused the little man to dance with all his might, something his buddy Edward found very funny. 
Scarlet preferred to make tea and watch from afar. 
And finally back to the boat, where we snuggled under pillows and blankets with popcorn in hand, watching the fireworks anchored close by. Scarlet fell asleep between Phil and I about 25 minutes into the show and little E fell asleep on the boat ride back. The big boys were glassy eyed though pretended that they were ready to stay up till midnight if we'd let them. I don't think they would've lasted … all that sun makes kids so wonderfully sleepy. Who am I kidding, mamas too. 
And that's it! Didn't attempt any fireworks pictures cause I just figured they would never come close to the real thing. :)

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