Friday, August 21, 2015

Green Bay Life - Yoga on the Deck

I recently joined all my fellow yogis for a sunset class at Yoga on the Deck. This was my first time taking a true yoga class, with all the bells and whistles (pre-natal was missing a few things ;). Jen Star Yoga leads these classes and after photographing Jen for our spring fashion issue, I was excited to take one of her classes. I'm so glad I did! It was absolutely perfect, the class itself and the fact that we were able to do it alongside the water under a gorgeous blue sky and eventually setting sun. So relaxing and I was really sore the next day too. Especially my triceps, which surprised me. 

So of course I wanted to snap a few pics in-between the downward dog and hopefully I didn't offend any hardcores with my obvious unfocus or lack of complete serenity. But it was just so cool. So here we go!
Pretty great huh?! Only 2 classes left so give it a try. Here's the schedule.

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