Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {white summer dresses}

{me: dress - Asos, gladiators - Zara
S: dress - Gap thrifted, shoes - Django Moccs}

This was our matchy-matchy, mother-daughter, embroidered white dress and gladiator sandal day. It was awesome! Wish I could make my outfit coordinate with my little lady this well each Sunday. Once a month is simply not enough. Shouldn't say that though cause next thing I know everyone will be sending us matching outfits in the mail (yeah right!) and that usually resembles 90's Laura Ashley inspired mommy and me looks. Perhaps in pink corduroy with floral ruffles? And then I'll wear it cause I won't want to hurt your feelings. Kinda like that time my long ago sorta boyfriend bought me lots of Teletubby stuff for Christmas cause he thought I'd said I liked them! I was confused and appalled but went with it and was forced to display it any time he came over for a visit. I don't know. Guys are weird … but not my husband! You're super great, Phil!! (wide eyed, wide teeth baring emoji here). 

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