Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer Fun at Bay Beach

Well Bay Beach Amusement Park here in Green Bay is a pretty regular stop on our summer crazy train and on this particular evening IT WAS PACKED! There were lots of complaints about the long lines and plenty of ice cream/pretzels to ease the pain of waiting. To make it even better we told the kids we'd do the rides with them. I know, best parents ever! ;) 
Elliot's grandma told him about a ninja costume she saw when she was out shopping and he begged her to go back and get it for him. So she did (thanks ouma!) and he has worn it non-stop. Even on this 80-something degree evening in August. For little E, costumes are a wonderful and very real part of everyday life. This was so normal for us for many years and I thought he had grown out of it. But there's still that little part of him that loves to play pretend, and not just at home thankyouverymuch. 

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