Monday, September 7, 2015

Family Style {jumpsuit livin'}

{me: jumpsuit - Target, vest - American Eagle
S: romper - Sadie Then Ty, shoes - Gap
M: Gap}

I have sweat myself into a mushy mesh this weekend and the best thing I have to show for it is this adorable jumpsuit brought to you by Target ... budget sucking, mama loving, mega awesome, once-a-weeker. Just when I decided to stop buying clothes from Target they went and stocked some cute fall pieces. I guess those receipts may start looking a little worse for the wear again if this keeps happening, though I really am making an effort to not visit the clothing department. I went all summer without so much as a peek; just instantly veered to the right whenever I entered the building. I really was doing a fabulous job but then that plaid dress caught my eye and it was the end. I've worked myself up again though and I will not be walking that direction again. Promise. Much the same way I've decided not to eat any more ice cream till October. I think both of these determinations have incredible potential. Don't you? 

I'm doomed.

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