Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hunting for Acorns {mama and mini style}

It's terribly entertaining to follow this one around with a camera, to just watch it all unfold on its own. I sat on the grass and did just that and I can see a lot of her 2 year old personality in these photos. First of all, you'll notice that she talks to me the whole time. Whereas any one of her brothers at this age would have searched the garden for acorns and pine cones without saying too much (varying degrees of that with each of the guys but they're masters at absentmindedly thinking about nothing in particular), she articulates every single thought that pops in her head. It's seriously cute ... and something I have to get used to as well. Talking takes a lot of time, doesn't it? ;)
Some of Scarlet's favorite things:

Her new gold sparkly boots from Ouma
Creating careful piles of collections around my house 
Not being hurried ... ever (her most used word right now is "wait")
Talking constantly in the effort to describe her every thought in great, GREAT detail

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