Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Elliot's 6 Year Portraits

In early October my little E turned 6 and with each birthday that arrives, I love to get a few sweet portraits of that child, as they are right then and there. So on this occasion Elliot and I went on an adventure hike through Baird Creek and I followed while he led me over the pebbled water and through the forest taking all the overgrown trails. He was in heaven. We picked up sticks and used them for slashing through brush and sometimes for jumping over mud. And we took lots and lots of pictures of the trees and the leaves, as it was that gorgeous time of the season where everything is turning colors and nature emanates a delicious golden yellow glow all around. At the end of our adventure, my little E asked if he could have my camera around his own neck and after much thought and then lots of warnings, I let him. Mind you, I walked behind him holding onto the strap most of the time ... but he still seemed chuffed with himself. Poor guy. He did manage 2 cute pictures, those at the very end. :)

I think his charmingly funny personality shines through in these pictures. All those awesome poses! My goodness! So happy and so crazy adorable. Always making us smile and making everyone feel like a million bucks, cause he loves you with every fiber of his being. We adore our sweet Elliot. Happy birthday my little man. 

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