Monday, January 18, 2016

Mini Style: Playsuits that Dream

If I could pick any dress for this girl, any at all, it would be what I'm noticing is often referred to as a playsuit. I think the name must be indicative of the sweet sense of wander and adventure they tend to invoke, perhaps that moment of "play" a little imagination might be drawn into when in her ... creative couture. :)

Wovenplay and Tutu Du Monde makes some of my favorite concoctions for children but they are high end and very expensive. This little dress is a precious substitute and though it misses that beautiful handmade quality of specialty boutiques, it's still a beauty with its $30 price. With silver stars on a pistachio bodice and tiny silver sequins and beads tucked into a grey tulle skirt, it's pretty perfect. 
{dress - @ockidscloset on Instagram, jacket - Gap}
It's been crazy cold these last few days so we've been hibernating. On days like these all we can do is drink way too many hot drinks and seriously, if it's not coffee then it's tea and then after that it's hot chocolate! But despite this weather, I'm really thankful for this month and how the new year has unfolded as it has been so quiet and chill for us. We still have lots to keep busy - flag football, piano, dance, and homework - but we've still had so many great moments where I've felt like our family could just relax and spend that wonderful quality time together that we kinda lacked this last December.

So life is good. 
 {jumpsuit - H&M, necklaces - Free People & Madewell, sweater - Express}

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