Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Flower Potluck

Hello friends! I'm oh so close to a little getaway time with family and just can't wait to relax and party for my little sister's birthday. We leave bright and early tomorrow and will enjoy a fabulous week of ... nothing, I hope. But it's the kind of nothing that involves lazing around and eating way too much and I can't think of anything better right now.

It's been a busy, busy month for me with all kinds of cool projects finally wrapped up, almost all at once! But that's how things tend to go, with work coming at me in big, crazy waves and then just that gentle tide of quiet for a time after. But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

So I want to share some of the pictures I took at our #loveliesinmylifeworkshop over the weekend. My friend Sunny, of Ebb and Flow Flowers, and I team up to host floral workshops at least once a year and for this one we wanted to try something tried and true - flower arranging - with something completely new - a delicious dinner. And it was a huge hit! We had the biggest group of ladies attend yet and you were all so wonderful. Thank you for gathering with us for an evening that gave us a beautiful little prelude to spring. We so needed that!

Here's a look at our evening.
Sunny set up all the extra greenery and filler florals and then as guests arrived, we added their flowers (hence the potluck) to the vases to fill the table. Sooo pretty right?!
Guests enjoyed house made hummus and guacamole appetizers and drinks from a special cocktail menu created for our spring party. Pomegranate, mango and grapefruit were the flavors I remember and wow, they were delish! 
Then Sunny taught the group how to go about creating an artful arrangement, giving us a few great tips to having that magic hand with florals. But as it turns out, it's so much easier said than done. :)
And here's a look at each woman's creation!
Since I took all the pictures that evening I thought I'd throw in a few of those I'd posted on Instagram (@kirstyg). Thanks to my sister Daena for snapping them!
And after our vases were filled with all those beauties, we dimmed the lights and sat down for dinner. Chef Ben at The Creamery created a special Botanical Bites menu for our gathering and we ate a lovely meal of swordfish skewers over cous cous, semolina pasta, and lavender panna cotta for dessert. The perfect ending.

Thank you all for being there and hope to see you at our next event at summer's end!

xx Kirsty

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