Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Layering {burgundy and pink}

{leather jacket - All Saints, pink jacket - Gap, blouse & skirt - Zara, boots - Besselli (GB}

Just a quick outfit post for you today in between editing pictures and choreographing dances this afternoon. The spring weather has turned absolutely maniacal over the weekend; you just don't know what to expect but it's crazy. So we're playing the layering game once again, as you can see. :) 

Thought I'd catch you up on a bit of life over here, as it's been some time since I've written much about the daily grind. Our family had such a wonderful sugar coated Easter weekend and spring break. We relaxed with our family in Tulsa for several days and I even managed cheeky hipster bowling with a twenty-something crowd that made me feel completely uncool and further assured me of my grandma-esque tendencies. But I played along and hopefully looked, sort of, not an idiot. Though I felt like one. You know when girls are bowling in low slung jeans and backless shirts and taking jello shots that that ship has totally, totally sailed. ;)

But on a more comfortable note, I had the pleasure of working with Andi and Alex recently, two incredibly sweet and beautiful local artists and now, little celebs, after their very successful appearance on NBC's The Voice. I styled and photographed them for YOU Magazine's upcoming Arts Issue, which you'll have to wait until May to see (bummer I know, but check out some sneak peeks on Instagram - @kirstyg). We went all out for this one, building a little set with exotic imported furniture and props from Wild Ginger and several dreamy, festival babe looks from Besselli. I had my girl Victoria Stencil on hand to help with hair and makeup creations, which changed from look to look. Really, everyone did such a phenomenal job. We tried to create something unique and magical, with a little more edge than you would usually see in my fashion stories for YOU magazine. But when you're working with rockstars like those girls, you can have some fun!

All for now friends! Will be sharing my final local home tour this week and then I'm off on a much needed girl's weekend to Door County. Always good to have some girl time, isn't it? Can't wait!

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