Sunday, May 29, 2016

Glam Rock with Andi and Alex {for Green Bay's YOU Magazine}

Hello lovelies! Here are the rest of the pictures from my shoot with Andi and Alex, featured in this month's Arts Issue of YOU Magazine (here's part 1). These looks were inspired by glam rock, with fashion influences that spanned from David Bowie and Prince, to Madonna, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Ha! I wanted to create drama, with over the top gowns and lots of sparkle styled in an edgier, more "rockstar" way. I took a stunning sheer dress from Free People and instead of making it wearable, as I would usually do for a YOU mag feature, I made it little more edgy with the under layers, a pair of lacy shorts and a bralet instead of the slip dress we've become used to. Not something we ever get to wear here in Green Bay but that's what this opportunity allowed, a moment to dream! 

Of course we wanted big, beautiful smokey eyes and Victoria Stencil created just that by lining their eyes in a gorgeous green shadow that was just awesome! And I kept making the hair stylists tease and spray, tease and spray, asking for bigger, bigger, bigger hair. I'm sure it was a blast washing all of that out! Sorry girls. ;) We also added touches of chunky chained jewelry and sky high platforms. 

Have to admit, I left wanting these outfits. There's just something about a dreamy, beaded dress that gets me every time! And those shoes! Gah. All outfits provided by Besselli, by the way. 

Styling/Photography/Story - Kirsty Gungor
Clothing - Besselli
Hair and Makeup - Victoria Stencil and Maricela Vera from Salon 54 

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