Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Home, Feeling the Autumn Love

Hello friends!

At the start of each October I tend to get the warm and fuzzies for no other reason than, from this month on through the end of the year we have the pleasure of celebrating several holidays that each bring their own unique color palette and whimsy to our interiors. Plus there's that irresistible touch of the outdoors that we bring inside during these months, allowing pumpkins and gourds and eventually Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes to become part of the decor. These 3 months offer a lovely chance to decorate in a storybook sort of way, adding layers of beauty to an ordinarily "normal" space. I just have some mad love for keeping things fresh and ever-changing at home and am known to move the furniture around every other month and change a paint color in a room wall about once a year. Change is exciting and energizing for me. I know, that's weird isn't it? Although, I don't share these sentiments when it comes to bedtime, just FYI.That I'm content to keep unchanged and yet it is an elusive ghost of a moment ... well if you're a mom, you likely know the feeling. :)

So here's a look at a little bit of home, with the dining table all prettied up for quiche and coffee mornings and Frito chili bowl evenings. Yes, I make a mean homemade chili but that's just about the extent of it. At least the table looks pretty, even if the food is sometimes lacking. I'm working on the latter!

And then we have a few fall odds and ends interspersed with the cutest little girl you ever saw thrown in for good measure to wrap this up.

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