Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Style For Every Occasion {for YOU magazine}

Hello friends! I have so many fun photos to share from my Holiday Style shoot for YOU Magazine. I had the pleasure of working with 3 of my dance moms and just seem to be one lucky dance teacher as my moms are all gorgeous. Don't have to look far for models. ;) I mean really, so beautiful! Thank you to Brooke, Anna, and Lindsey who looked stunning and stepped way out of their comfort zone for this experience. You were wonderful!
For this story I chose 3 fun holiday occasions and styled looks with clothing from 3 local boutiques. Let's start with a look from Lady Savannah that's perfect for ...

A Show at the Meyer Theater
Next up, a look from Beth's Boutique that's perfect for ...

A Holiday Office Party
And lastly, a look from Furs and Clothing of Distinction for ...

A Kid's Christmas Recital
Thank you to my dear, talented friend Victoria Stencil at Salon 54 for the gorgeous hair and makeup looks!

You can check out the article and the entire issue HERE.

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