Friday, December 23, 2016

Two Christmas Dresses

The butterfly and I have worn all sorts of festive lovelies this month and on this particular day, we managed some photos. Woohoo! We hope to get a few more on Christmas Eve as that's when the family goes all out in our merry matching finery. Fingers crossed. ;)

And also, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Finally! We've shopped and wrapped, baked and over-indulged, exchanged ornaments and favorite things, watched every kid's Christmas production under the sun, taken pictures with Santa not once but twice. And now, we get to celebrate Jesus with a beautiful Christmas Eve service and unwrap those piled up presents with those we love. It's nice to tuck away all the noise and focus on all the joy in our lives right now.
 Scarlet's dress is from Nori Child
My dress is from Zara and shoes are from Asos

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