Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pencil Skirts

Hello friends! We had a blast shooting a fashion story for YOU magazine over the weekend and I was challenged to create polished looks for the workplace, not something I really ever wear. In fact, this is the only pencil skirt I own! My wardrobe is the exact opposite of workplace chic. It's fluffy, flowy, swishy chic. So, inspired by our photo shoot, I sought out this gorgeous skirt (owned it for a few year's now) and made an outfit around it. And voila, here we go! ;) As you'll notice there are some swishes happening here despite my best efforts. I feel very "Real Housewives" when I put on a fitted skirt or dress. Feels so strange to me. So I added some layering to make it a little more ... me. 
Skirt - Zara
Blouse - Target
Sweater - Loft
Boots - Target
Necklace - Azure (GB)
Ear rings - ZuLou (GB)

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