Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Unicorn Party for Scarlet

Hello friends! We celebrated Scarlet's 4th birthday with a shimmery shindig over the weekend. When I asked her what kind of party she wanted this year, she really and truly said "Unicorn!" and I died and went to heaven. She really is mine! Hah. 

Actually, the first purchase I made for her bedroom when I found out that we were finally having a girl, was in fact a unicorn. It's one of those sweet animal heads and it sits in a collection that grew from a sole glitteringly horned unicorn, to a linen deer and a majestic swan. It's the sort of fanciful animal crew she'd be happy to meet again in her dreams. 💖

Well let's get to the party! I find our home shrinks in the minute our guests arrive but it makes for a happy, cozy bunch. Here she is watching for their arrival and then giving me a little demonstration on how to get those wings to flyyyyyyy. 

And finally our little guests were here!
 🎂 Cake time! 🎂
 🎁 Present Time 🎁
🎀  Thank you friends!  🎀
And good night.

Scarlet's outfit:
cape - Target
romper - Tutu Du Monde
shoes - Saltwater Sandals
unicorn horn - Rolly Polly

Unicorn Cake - Monzu Bakery
Party Decor - Target
Tent - Ikea
Balloons - Party City
Rainbow ruffled shower curtain - (old) Anthropologie 

My dress - (old) Anthropologie

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