Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Disney World - Hollywood Studios

Hello lovelies! Well finally (FINALLY) I have some photos from Disney to share. Our first day was spent at Hollywood Studios where we bee-lined for our first ride, the Tower of Terror! Eeeeek! It was awesome ... and I am super duper afraid of heights. But amazingly I was not petrified, only thrilled at the creepiness of it all and then the terrifying lift and drop of our elevator. How on earth do I go from feeling dizzy and faint looking over my mom's upstairs balcony to this? I am awful. And yet I was riding all the highest and wildest rides without a concern in the world. Hah! 

Most of my shots from this first day were taken at an incredibly sweet character dinner, our first encounter with them as of yet. The kids, and particularly Scarlet, were completely enamored by Minnie and Donald as they came over to say hi and pose for pictures. Scarlet has never shied away from the larger than life characters, whereas my boys always avoided them at all costs. She was glowing and smiling fiercely, melting our hearts as we watched. 
Our boys 💙
So hot and sweaty but she had to keep her blanket on top of her 50% of the time. :)
 And dinner!
And that's most of our family posed with Daisy. :) All in Florida together, though minus my little sister Cara's fam in this picture. All 22 of us went to the same Disney park each day, meeting up throughout the day for fast passes, dinner reservations or the evening shows. The cousins were in heaven, having the chance to do this together. What a joy to experience that fantastical world with lots of little ones and their cousins in hand. 

Next up, the Magic Kingdom. Stay tuned!

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