Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Poppy Red Skirt

It's time for a little fashion fun again and today is dedicated to this poppy red, paper bag waist skirt. It's an older favorite that I love season after season as it's the happiest of colors and includes a mama's greatest secret (style) weapon, hidden pockets! Hello chapstick and cell phone and band aids! 

I love dressing down a skirt with a tank, that mix of pretty and tomboy. Read: brunching on the bottom and errands on the top. I want to dress like I'm off to brunch in a sundress everyday but what I need to wear, realistically, is something that allows me to keep cool as I bake in the sun while the kids ride on scooters and then also hides the sweat pouring down my back. Win!
I love adding something unexpected to an outfit, a touch that makes it unique to me. This ladybug brooch was a gift from my grandfather and the sweetest tiny accessory for clipping on a jacket in the fall or the waistband of a skirt in summer. I think I might've inherited my love for tiny trinkets from our grandfather, a man who loved buying little thoughtful treasures for his grand children. (Another example, I also have a tiny pirouetting ballerina frozen in a case of glass, so small it fits in the palm of my hand.)  😍
tank - Madewell HERE
skirt - old H&M (cute denim one HERE)
sandals - Madewell HERE 

Photos by the lovely Erin Jean Photography. 💗

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