Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nutcracker Snow Fittings

So as many of you already know, I own a dance studio in Green Bay called Celebration Dance (website/Facebook) and it's a job that has my whole heart. As we've grown over these past few years, more and more of my time is spent at the studio and with my dancers. This is one of the biggest reasons why I have much less free time to blog these days. 😌 I spend a lot of time teaching and nurturing these girls and their love for dance, and one of the avenues I've encouraged is other performance opportunities. This is our second year to audition for a local and incredibly beautiful Nutcracker Ballet presented through the Northeastern Wisconsin Dance Organization each year. We are so lucky to have this opportunity in our community, allowing our dancers a chance to be a part of something much bigger than their respective studios with a devoted community of dancers from around the city. It also gives them that audition experience, which is unique and a little nerve wrecking, but an important part of the dance life. They have the chance to study something extraordinary, a ballet that's an integral piece of our dance culture and the opportunity to learn from a choreographer and instructor that I have great respect for, Mr. Timothy Josephs. And finally, the chance to dance with professional ballerinas from around the country, who come to Green Bay and teach master classes and then perform with them. Honestly the happy list goes on and on for me (the gorgeous Meyer Theater, the backstage flurry, that feeling when watching a dance from the wings and then stepping into the bright lights, the grand applause!). 

So on this occasion, I captured a few photos at a fitting. This is for Snow, my personal favorite dance in the show. The Nutcracker was my first big American ballet experience when I moved to the US with my family in 1993 and Snow and Waltz of the Flowers were the dances I was cast in. Flowers was beautiful but Snow had my heart. It still gets me teary eyed to this day!

If you're interested in attending a performance of NEWDO's The Nutcracker Ballet over Thanksgiving weekend, you'll find all the details HERE. Celebration Dance has 10 of our dancers in the show this year!

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