Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh, Sweet Christmas Tree

As Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close, I've found a few quiet moments to myself on the couch, a rare opportunity to take in the new twinkling prettiness of our family room. It was a wonderful long weekend with the kids, celebrating Thanksgiving with family and finally allowing ourselves to go completely Christmas-y all over the house. Ahhhh, I love it so. 

My first post of Christmas is all about the morning we went to chop down our Christmas tree. We road tripped out to Whispering Pines and ventured out into the woods to find our favorite tree for the job of decorating our home this season. The kids were all really eager to have a tree of their own to decorate, so we let them each pick out a smaller one too. And after the hunt was finished they fed a few alpacas (cause why not? ;) and warmed up to cups of steamy hot cocoa and bags of popcorn. So here it is, our day in pictures.  

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