Sunday, June 21, 2009

So today I enter the wonderful world of blogging, inspired completely by It's gorgeous, to say the least. I realize that my life, though not much in comparison to Jen's and seriously lacking in trips to Paris or fancy jobs in NY, is still completely filled to overflowing with beautiful people (big and small), homes, goodies, yummies, and trinkets. So I will share them here with those that care to enjoy and hope that they do not keep themselves hidden but are proudly displayed where-ever I am instead.
First big project in the works, Monty's 2nd birthday party. Pics to follow.
And this summer I'll redo the nursery and the boy's room (which will become so in August...cross your fingers). All rooms are inspired by South Africa, land of color and all the best in kid's cute.
Since there's a baby in the belly, life is baby biased, but I'll try to keep things interesting...
I don't know if anyone will read any of this and am unsure of when I'll be brave enough to even let a soul know about it's existence. But it's quite theraputic nonetheless. Hmmm....

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