Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode to a vacuum

I don't, however, love cleaning. There are many aspects I despise (never, ever, ever do I iron!). But vacuuming I can handle. There's a reason for that, our one great splurge, my Dyson. Words cannot even express...
My childhood was one from a time and place (SA/rockin' 80's) that required little in the house keeping department, of any of us. We had a full time, live in maid, that made life easy for everyone and I'm sure has left lasting ramifications. But thank goodness for the slightly obsessive/compulsive types in my fam who have left equal impressions and provided my will to clean despite all... So I come back to my Dyson, the one tool that has changed my little life in very sweet and subtle ways. Thank you for always leaving those lovely stripes where ever you go. Makes me feel accomplished.

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