Monday, June 22, 2009

The tricky thing about blogging is that I have to use all of my own images. So I guess this means I'll be taking my camera everywhere I go. Now I have a very decent camera, but it's of the larger variety, creating a bit of an eye sore. Oh, how romantic a polaroid sounds. But sharing polaroids has got to be more difficult than I wish to explore.

You'd think I was a holistic mamma by this pic, but alas... The greenest thing I've done is throw the appropriate items in their recyclable sections and wash with only cold water. Though I am surrounded on all sides by green ladies (and I do love them dearly :), I am what I am only because of Monty's food allergies (and now the addition of a mild dust mite allergy which requires me to wash with hot water to kill them!) Consequently, he has a limited but more "organic" diet, which ensures that he is my pickiest eater but perhaps healthiest. I don't know...I still think Parker is healthier. Point is, I thought it was amazing when I grouped all those organic goodies on the counter. Expensive, questionably tasty, and amazing.

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