Sunday, July 26, 2009

Craftie of the week

I have plans for my craftie of the week, though it's not yet completed. I'm getting the boy's room ready for it's grand reopening (or night when my little guys begin sharing a space). I'm making it kind of a big deal for them, in the hopes that the excitement and anticipation will build in their minds and that when the day arrives, they are beyond themselves. We're doing a makeover to ensure this reaction, adding a big bed tent (or canopy really) over the bunk beds and then some other little additions. The start to this project will be the flags that I found from a site called That's them pictured above, though the girl version. Here are the swatches of fabric I'll use, with a bit of the khaki muslin that my mom will construct the canopy from. Final outcome will hopefully be posted later this week. :)

I'm a batik freak!

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