Sunday, July 26, 2009

I thought I'd share a pic of a few of my favorite vintage pieces of jewelry. I love, love, love gold and seem to wear it more often than silver, but am not convinced that I'm a "gold person" (what's it called again girls? having your seasons read?). Regardless, the most cherished and sweet pieces are, from left to right... bangles from grandmother and mother (which each sister has), earrings from Deco to Disco in Tulsa, belt bangle from Banana (a vintage wannabe), great grand mother's signet ring "Aletta Jonk" (favorite item), blue stone cocktail ring from downtown GB antique mall (the greatest place for jewels anywhere!), and my own tiny signet bracelet and charm bracelet from younger years. So presh! Can you tell we have a jewelry crazy momma? She started the madness at a young age. Oh, I need a pic of my niece Adorlee right here. Definitely following suit (already the proud owner of diamond stud earrings minus the holes in her ears!).

A vintage corner of the house brought to you by Goodwill, JoAnnes, Target and Cape Town.

The view above my toilet. :)

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