Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Crafties" of the week

Monty's birthday party was over the weekend and the bomb! It's hard to mess up a summer party simply because there are so many more fun options, while I sort of dread the middle of Winter shindig for Parker. Especially as he and his gaggle of friends grow! Regrettably, we may have to move it out of the house next time, something that I don't really want to do cause I find it to be missing the magic somehow.
For both of their 2nd birthdays I have made a rice crispie treat cake. Tastes better, everyone takes a slice, and hypoallergenic. I also attempted the carousel which I found in the July issue of "Parents" mag. It was easy to follow and not too hard to accomplish with 2 hands, though the pentagon they urged me to create with 5 triangles was a bit of a feat. Not too easy to put them together just perfectly, which resulted in some overlaps and not perfect lines... but we camouflaged it well. Oh, and my horses I tried to free hand so they were all gigantic. But only the true artists would care.

And then we had a little shower for Bri and Ashdyn, her 2nd little lady to join the family. The girls have decided that no baby should be forgotten, not even if it's the fourth to arrive, and so we have a shower for each. Dining, desserts, presents and newborns in tow (4 out of the 8 of us are or were pregnant; one just had a little man). So all I really "made" here was the piggy bank bottle. I found a gorgeous butterfly which I attached with the help of my glue gun. Easy and cute. Girl's night original dessert treat "M n M's" were inside the party favors and I came across this really sweet brag book at "Hey Daisy", all hand embroidered and divine.

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