Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is not me, but...

I'm 25 weeks pregnant (probably not quite as far along as this sexy mamma) and this picture was somewhat "fitting". So, this is going to be one of those TMI kinda posts for some, but perfect for others :). My darling little sister, the fancy and very important labor and delivery nurse, apparently gets a good chuckle along with her fancy friends, over the varied states of women's crotches (please remember she is in labor and delivery everyone!). So I myself got a good giggle out of the story, but was mostly HORRIFIED! So off to the bikini waxer I go. Alas, it's not the 60 - something, belly dancer, has her own line of nail polish, stuffs the chair with pillows and offers us some peach schnapps kinda waxer I'm used to. Instead, it's a good friend. Crazy you say? Hmmm.....perhaps. Now the question remains, to brazilian or not to brazilian? :)

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