Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A hodgepodge of thoughts

My sweet Elliot is now almost 4 weeks and he lay on my buffet table (don't ask ;) intrigued by the afternoon sunlight as I captured a few pics. I think this was in the middle of one of his noisy stretches.

A very fine plate of "all things baby" inspired cookies made by the mom of one of my dance students. She has quite a talent for details... you may notice the tiny ribboned bow on the pram. It's hard to eat something so pretty! Okay, not that hard.

A shot of the 4 of us. Not the best but it'll do. Monty had to peek out from under the giraffe's nose to see anything. He was Melman, Parker was Alex, and Elliot was Rico the penguin. All from Madagascar, a favorite movie of ours.

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