Monday, November 2, 2009

A home of my own

I have found a home that I think holds much of the same aesthetic of my own. The owner and I bare some resemblance too (a mom of 3 boys) and it surprised me to see the similarities in our collections. While still quite different, both of our homes are filled with bright, patterned textiles, art work, and vintage treasures. It's all very eclectic and nothing really matches which I've often thought might be a "problem" of mine, but I see in her photographs how lovely and homey it all feels. She seems to have an equal love of dishes (particularly rose-y ones), old quilts, ethnic fabric, and lots of color. Thought I'd share her pics with you too. There are many but don't get bored too quickly, cause they're sweet to the very end. You'll find them Here!

Oh yes. She also happens to be the designer of a collection from etsy that I featured on an earlier blog. The very same one that makes those sweet little tulle and butterfly birthday crowns (Tamar and Nest Pretty Things).

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