Thursday, December 17, 2009

My kitchen's Christmas List

Parker and I were doing a little baking a couple of days ago, making gingerbread cookies for his birthday party at school. All I had to roll the cookie dough was a tiny play dough roller and so that's what we used. I remembered my recent trip to an Anthropologie store in Chicago where I saw a pretty ceramic hand painted rolling pin, which I eyed up for quite some time imagining all the wonderful ways I could use it (or more accurately, how lovely it would look on my counter top somewhere). The website no longer has this rolling pin so I can't share it with you but I did find some other beauties that I have to have!

You can never have enough kitchen towels. I think I wash mine every other day!

Measuring cups...oo la la. They're perfect.

Measuring spoons... so wonderful. If you're going to have to measure ingredients, you might as well do it with whimsy and style.

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