Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Spring Wish List!

It's been ages since I've made an appearance here, but I'm back! Seems to be a little less time for blogging these days as much of it is spent entertaining the little guys. But I've taken a few moments to look around and found some loves that give me an early case of spring fever. And of course, the first place I looked was Anthropologie.
A stunning rug that deserves a spot on the worn wood floors in front of my fireplace... in place of the warm winter flames, really.

I have a thing for blue, as you may conclude if you take a peek at the tops I got for Christmas :). But turquoise is always a huge summer hit and I'd start early with a small collection of these.

Now this sweet necklace is only $28 and it comes in 3 gorgeous colors, one of which is a very pretty coral (for my Cara) and a equally cool turquoise. I'm into mint and pistachio hues today (and flavors of ice cream too!)

I just like to put flowers in my hair, what can I say...

I love this mosaic tote! It's beaded and embroidered and about $75, which is a great price gosh darn it! The details are really beautiful.

I wanted a pair of these flip floppy whatchamacallits last summer, so this is the time. Piperlime - $79. I really like the tan canvas and brown leather with studs. So super cool!

A more feminine gladiator and I think it's really lovely.

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  1. Beautiful necklace!!! I looked at the webpage and although the coral is pretty, I prefer the other two more. I think your pistachio option is sold out, though, as it didn't have that one as an option. Love you!!!!


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