Thursday, February 25, 2010

Curiously Enchanting Art

I recently came across a really intriguing blog Vanessa Valencia is a hugely talented women who captures the most beautiful moments and places with her camera, as well as creates what she calls "curious art objects". As you know, the enchanted has a little place in my heart and I find her work beautiful and mesmerizing...

Below are prints of her work that are available at her Etsy shop, A Fanciful Twist, sold on canvas, postcards, or even stickers. She also makes dolls reminiscent of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" though sweeter, as if they have eaten fistfuls of candy (seems Vanessa has a thing for candy too). They remind me of my "pumpkin lady" actually...a very old and graying granny with long lashes and a dolled up but very kind face, dressed in a splendid purple velvet and black lace dress with a green ruffled petticoat and a broom in her hand.

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