Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moody Blues and Ocean Hues

After photographing the blue belt for my last post, I started noticing oodles of blue all around my home. So along those shimmery lines, here is a sea of turquoise, cobalt, aqua and indigo.

An assortment from my kitchen cabinets and a collection that has grown unintentionally over the years. A little Urban Outfitters, Goodwill, Target, and TJMaxx. Odd enough yet with sufficient whimsy for an "Alice in Wonderland" tea party.

Old Navy flats from a few years back. Sometimes they'll surprise me with something that I just have to have and of course it's always super cheap. Love a pretty bargain.

A really cozy blanket knit by my mother. I asked for the ocean colors and my sister requested sunset shades. Both are amazing and so nice and warm!

Colored glass baubles from my "needle in a haystack" treasure hunting at Goodwill. I think blue glass is so eye catching and beautiful! It never fails to draw my attention first.

My mom and I recovered my Goodwill dining chairs AGAIN, this time with a plaid-ish fabric from Myanmar, purchased at a sale benefitting missions to the country. It's winter cool just in time for summer. Hmmm....?

Well worn and much loved Forever 21 chiffon top.

Anthropologie door knobs and TJMaxx vase.

I dress I found at a vintage clothing store in Grand Rapids, MI. Too lovely to pass up.

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