Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Hair Affair

I'm at a real crossroads in my life right now. I'm sitting on the bang fence and tipping in both directions, switching almost daily. Very serious stuff! I'll see Kiera Knightley and think, "Yes, I'll do it!" And then a photo of J Lo and it will quickly become a "no". Or that Victoria's Secret model who looks so gorgeous with soft, romantic, perfect bangs on a usually bang-less catwalk. And then I'll see Jessica Alba and again, it's a definite "no way".
The craziest part is that I have seriously only now found myself at a point where my own bangs have finally grown out and they are barely past the awkward stage (which took over a year, mind you). Don't get me wrong, I loved them. But then I became pregnant and started working myself into a fat face stage, something that I cannot evade when blossoming with child (and an issue that clung to me - along with a nice belly and love handles - throughout my late teens). I thought keeping the bangs would somehow add to my round face and growing them out would surely elongate my appearance instead. So that's how I have found myself in this place. Questioning... flirting with disaster.
I think I have made up my mind. Ugh! I'm going to do it in May (save up those dollars!) and Krista will make it happen. It's partly due to the fact that there's not much banging going on anymore (did that come out right?) and since I like to be a little different, I'm going to shake things up a bit. Yes, this will be good. Finally, here's the girl who made my mind up for me. Beachy, soft, and interesting. Hope I can pull it off... well, Krista and I.

And while at Roxy I found these wild and wonderful shoes.
(Cynthia Rowley for Roxy)

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