Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Spring! Is that You?

My Etsy find this week. Pretty little butterflies, cut from a print of "Romeo and Juliet" (how lovely is that?!) and about $2.50 for 100. I think they'd look amazing bent at the center and flying up the bricks above my fireplace. onecrafteemumma.

Diaphanous jelly bean bridesmaids. Taken by Meg Kroeker.

Stunning spring-y images from

A Look at Home~

A new lampshade that makes me smile every time I look at it.
Liberty of London for Target ($17.99) and base from Goodwill.

My 10 year anniversary gift!!! Thank you my love. I am so lucky.

My sister said I had to take a picture of the hall closet. It's filled with a collection of my favorite dresses spanning many, many years. Just about everything is purchased from either H&M, Forever 21, or the downtown Antique Mall.

My art supplies. I started painting about 10 years ago and found this perfect little snake skin print antique case while thrifting. It's housed my oils, brushes and gold leaf for a long time now. Oh, I miss painting...

My greatest accomplishment with oils and gold leaf. I've never been good at creating art from scratch. I prefer to make an attempt at recreating someone else's magnificent pieces. Klimt is a master at beautiful, deep color and mesmerizing shapes.

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