Thursday, March 25, 2010

Woah Momma!

Today I was in the mood to try out a red lipstick. It's a really rad orange-y red from Almay. I decided to take Lucky's advice and do nothing with the rest of my face, but add a bit of blush and curl my lashes. I've thought of attempting a red lip often but decided I would have to wear this color around the house for a while before I'll be ready to wear it confidently in public.

The family's reaction...

Parker (1st to see) -
"Wow mom, I love your mouth. You look like a woman." (always aims to please)

Monty (just woke from nap) -
"What's that mom? Did you drink a slushee drink?" (slightly jealous)

Elliot (next to wake from a nap) -
No comment but stares at me as if he does not recognize me.

Phil (just home from work) -
"You trying out a new lip color? I love it. It makes your lips pop." (Whatever. It was said with a laugh)

But I've taught him well. :)

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