Friday, March 26, 2010

I've realized...

...that flowers are to my summer wardrobe, what sequins were to my winter wardrobe. Each November, before the holidays set in, I start to go a little crazy for sequins and it finally starts to wear off around the end of January. But now it's March, and everything is flowers... everywhere! And I obviously love it. For me, last summer's trend obsession was tribal prints and I had skirts, tops, and dresses in cool batiks and African prints. But I like the fact that there's something new for me this summer to loose myself in a bit and flowers make the journey very sweet.

Here we have some stunning pieces from J Crew, who have created a signature floral print that they've cut into gorgeous dress, skirts, blouses, and even shorts. It's kind of breath taking.

$ 650
This dress is a dream. Enough said.



The one shoulder dress. Yay!

Okay, so I don't need to give up on sequins completely.

**And now for a few summer staples, or rather, items that would be nice to add to the wardrobe this season.

I tend to live in skirts when the warm weather is here. A cute orange mini in a soft knit fabric. Other fantastic colors too!

Referred to as a "beach" skirt, which must mean it's pretty comfy too. With mini ruffles galore and a neon waistband. Too cute. (The blue with yellow band is adorable too)

The perfect loose fit T-shirt. I love the fact that these "boyfriend" T's are made to be flattering even with their relaxed fit. I no longer have to wear a fitted T and constantly be tucking in my tummy, though I'm sure that's a decent workout in itself.

Comfy, slouchy, perfect shade of blue denim shorts

They're calling this a swim "cover up". It's amazing. I don't care what it's for, as long as it's mine. :) Can you imagine all the wear I will get out of it? Lounging on a (hopefully bumpless and bugless) boat on a beautiful (not windy) day in the serene blue waters of our (questionably) awesome bay.

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