Monday, April 26, 2010

Designer - Tord Boontje

A few Christmases ago, 2004 perhaps, I asked for a very unusual and special gift, a garland light that I had seen at, the online store for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The light was made by Tord Boontje, a designer from Holland, and I recently came across an article at that included other pictures of his beautiful work as well as an interesting interview. I particularly enjoyed his response to this question:

What do you say to people who think what you make is frivolous?

"I respect the fact that it's whimsical and it's very lightweight. Maybe because it makes you happy, people think that that is frivolous ... I don't know ... if you give a lollipop to a child, it can be very meaningful, or flowers in your hair can be very meaningful ... so ..."


This is my spectacular garland light in 2 gorgeous shades of pink.

Here are images of a few other designs (he even did a Christmas line for Target in 2006).

An art exhibit at the Showroom Moroso, Milan, 2004

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