Sunday, April 25, 2010

My "Worldly" Wardrobe

Here are the few pieces I promised to share with you, those that remind me (some just barely, mind you) of the recent runway collection I featured (Dries Van Noten). There's no better shopping than the flea market kind, and the best flea markets I've ever had the pleasure of treasure hunting have been those in South Africa. There is always a stall at a SA flea market that has a lovely assortment of sari type skirts, in rich Indian fabrics in so many patterns and colors that it is almost impossible to pick one or even two of your favorites. I found a store at our mall called "Touch of the World" that imports clothing and odds and ends from overseas and they actually have a really beautiful collection of these same long wrap skirts in silky fabrics, though they're imported from another Asian country (forgotten where exactly).

Just a side note. It was like pulling teeth this afternoon, attempting a little photo shoot with all the clothes I had to put on and all this between feeding everyone lunch and hurrying before naps ended. So in our haste, the images are not the best, but they will have to do. I had also hoped to style things a bit better, adding tops or bottoms reminiscent of the runway versions, but alas, my time was short and sweet. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

Silk wrap skirt - "Touch of the World" and Krugersdorp flea market (the other was too wrinkled to photograph).

Orange tribal print blouse - a gift from SA

Another long wrap skirt in a really gorgeous batik print. Also a gift from SA.

A skirt with the same "ethnic inspired feel" though from Old Navy (a few seasons ago).

A shorter wrap skirt in a vibrant aqua blue and gold - from SA.
Photo by Monty

Same skirt as before. The colors in this one are stunning - golds, ambers, reds, chocolates.

It's been some time, but here's another Sunday outfit! We had to make sure all the very ugly and unnecessary props where in the background just to make things more "real life" (not really; real life just happened).

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  1. Sunday is "Designs by Kirsty" day. Always a delight. You have more treasures than I ever imagined and they all have such significance in your life, nothing is random.


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