Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm loving...

...Dries Van Noten's Spring 2010 collection, a fantastic display of ethnic prints and patterns that inspire me to keep this sort of cool and colorful fabric in my own wardrobe (and not to be overtaken wholly and completely by the floral mania). A little closer to "ready to wear" than some other runway collections I've gushed over.

Actually, I have a few gorgeous skirts and tops that are very much along these lines. I'll have to do a little fashion shoot of my own this weekend. Coming soon!

I can see my little sister wearing this one, out for drinks with her friends.
Am I right Miss Cara Meliah?

Think the shirt and the shorts are perfect. But I'd have to wear them separately, of course.

A stunning skirt. Every top and bottom is just so gorgeous.

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